Structural Solutions

Foundation Restoration

Structural Solutions, LLC Foundation Services is committed to give you “solid advice for a solid foundation.” This is why we pride ourselves on being able to offer the Precision Piling Systems; a strong, reliable application that helps in repairing residential and commercial foundations
Do you need foundation repair?
Do you see separation or cracks in brick veneer? Expansive soils cause excessive foundation movement in buildings. During times of draught, our soils contract causing foundation settlement. During times of heavy rains, the clay may become saturated and swell, causing upheaval.
Settlement or upheaval causes physical damage to the structure resulting in cracks in sheetrock, brick veneer, stucco, flooring and other ridged materials. Foundation movement also causes problems with plumbing, electrical, roof leakage and excessive floor slopes.
To fix this problem you need the most technologically advanced pressed piling system on the market. You need the Precision Piling System.
FREE Evaluation and Estimate includes:
Elevated Home on Pilings
Elevated Home on Pilings
Installed Piling

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