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Foundation Methods

Foundation repair has evolved from a shallow concrete pad, to bell-bottom piers, to pressed-segmented pilings and recently to the Precision Piling System that provides superior lateral strength for better alignment during installation and for the life of the structure. The Precision Piling System carries a lifetime transferable warranty for the life of the structure.

Precision Pilings Versus Other Options

Concrete PadConcrete Pad

Temporary Fix
Depth does not reach stable soils
Moves as soil moves

Concrete Piers Concrete Piers
Permanent solution when installed properly
Alignment can be visually verified
Concrete is steal reinforced

Most pier failures occur because piers are not properly installed
Takes 2-4 weeks to complete the job
Same design for all structures regardless of size or soils

Steel Piers Steel Piers

Speed and ease of installation
steel pipe can
be installed at a much greater depth

Material costs are greater and passed on to the customer
Extensive corrosion of steep pipe in some soils
The circumference of steel piers is smaller and problems may occur with flex (bow) due to inadequate stiffness

Simple Pressed Pilings

Simple Pressed Pilings
Depth requirement can be determined by the load of the structure raised
Soils are tested by driving the pilings into the soils
Pre-cured/tested concrete enables immediate leveling of the structure. Most jobs are completed in a few days

Proper installation cannot be verified
Alignment is impossible given below ground obstruction
No reinforcement to prevent shifiting of cylinders (vertical or horizontal) after work is completed and soil moisture changes

Helical Piers

Helical Piers
Can be used for underpinning and retaining wall anchoring
No concrete needed on  site
Most jobs completed in 2-3 days

Performance is not determined by the capacity of the steel shafts
Pier buckling is a severe problem; best performance is limited to stable soils
The load of the structure cannot determine depth requirement

Pressed Piling System with Cable Pressed Piling System with Cable
All the advantages of simple pressed pilings and steel piers
Custom fitted for your home with all the guarantees of alignment using the cable
Depth can be verified by measuring the cable extension

Lack of lateral strength for prevention of horizontal movement and proper alignment

Precision Pilings Systems

Precision Pilings Systems

This system of foundation repair ensures that the foundation has adequate bearing support at a depth that is not affected by weather. The advantages of include:

All the advantages of simple pressed pilings and steel piers
Repair is developed for your needs
Depth of Precision Pilings Systems is easily verified
The Precisions Pilings System provides superior lateral strength to ensure straight alignment in the prevention of horizontal movement
Small surface area supporting the structure for prevention of upheaval
City inspectors, engineers and you can verify job performance
Pilings are tested during installation (concrete and soil) in ensure future performance
Safety factor provided by the driving load versus the support load combined with thixptropy ensures the pilings future performance
Installs directly under the footer unlike the other systems
Can be installed in interior of the structure

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