Structural Solutions

Frequenty Asked Questions

How long will it take to get the estimate and is there a cost?

We offer a free evaluation and estimate. Usually the structural inspector will give you the estimate while he is there and discuss the repair plan with you. Our inspectors are experienced and knowledgeable and are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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What type of warranty do you offer and is it transferable?

Structural Solutions offers a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on the Precision Piling System.

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What makes the Precision Piling System more reliable than other repair methods available in the market?

The Precision Piling System: provides superior lateral strength for better alignment during installation and for the life of the structure; Ensures that the foundation has adequate bearing support at a depth that is not affected by weather; and is backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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Do you have a local office?

Yes, our office is located at 298 S Perkins Street, Ridgeland, MS. We encourage our customers to come by our office anytime. Our office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please feel free to contact us if you need directions (601) 607-7277.

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What areas or locations do you service?

Even though our office is located in Central Mississippi, we inspect and repair homes and businesses for the entire State of Mississippi and portions of Northeast Louisiana (Monroe, Tallulah, etc.).

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Is there a certain time of year that is better to do the repairs?

At Structural Solutions, we work year round repairing foundations and installing drainage systems.

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