Structural Solutions

Drainage and Water Proofing

Are you having drainage problems?
Drainage can be a contributing factor in foundation movement. The presence of excess water increases the range of differential foundation movement.
In controlling surface / sub-surface water - thru the installation of a combination Surface / Sub-surface drainage system – the water will not permeate the reactive soils. Literally eliminating the ability of the reactive soil to expand or contract.
Structural Solutions, LLC Foundation Services has the capability to determine the type of drainage system required to solve any drainage problem and help stabilize the structure.
This type of drainage system is used to remove excess water that moves freely beneath the soil. Sub-Surface drains can substantially reduce the severity and frequency of damage caused by differential movement.
Structural Solutions, LLC recommends soil testing to
1. Type of clay / soil
2. Moisture-Density level of soil
3. Verify depth of expansive clay
Structural Solutions LLC also has the expertise to elevate flood prone structures and support the structures on pilings at an elevation above the past flood elevation.

Click here for J-DRain cut-off drain detail.

Click here for magnified view of soil bridging, J-DRain drench, and J-Drain strip drain benefits.